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lj salazar consulting - startups

refine strategy, raise capital, find product-market fit, monetization model and implement a successful go-to-market and branding strategy.

lj salazar consulting - nonprofits

design and deploy tech solutions to reduce operating costs, implement leveraged business models to achieve long-term sustainability.

lj salazar consulting - enterprises

mobile and social cloud technologies, operational growth, innovation in monetization and international expansion.

Our success stories speak for us, and we thrive helping Startups, Operating Nonprofits, Foundations, Social Enterprises or Mid-size and Large companies to achieve success through technology.

We have proven operational expertise in Bringing Money, Creating Value, and Driving Growth, so we help you maximize results in a temporary operating role as interim CEO, COO, CPO, CTO or as Advisor to the Board or to the CEO.

create value@1xmonetization and business model
pitch deck
business development
mergers & acquisitions

create value@1xproduct strategy
user experience
mobile transformation
brand & communications

drive growth@1xgo-to-market
optimization & turnaround
global markets expansion
strategic alliances


success stories

giving compass lj salazar consultingco-founder & board member | product strategy, go to market, +$2M capital raising (grants) …more
uw lj salazar consultingmember of the advisory board |  focus on entrepreneurship for social enterprises, fundraising …more
raikes foundation lj salazar consultingmember of the advisory board |  focus on technology innovation for  effective philanthropy …more
optio3 lj salazar consultingco-founder and advisor | raised $2M, market sizing, strategy, pitch deck, branding and go to market …more
ushur lj salazar consultingadvisor to CEO & interim COO | market sizing, strategy, branding and go to market …more
jobaline lj salazar consultingco-founder & CEO | raised +$14M, led it  from concept to helping 500,000 low-wage workers get a job …more
bing lj salazar consultingexecutive advisor to the search alliance | strategy for profitable growth in US, Europe and Taipei …more
polyverse lj salazar consultingexecutive advisor to founder and CEO | +$1M capital raised, go to market …more
office live lj salazar consultingco-founder |  conceptual design to implementation, reaching its first 2M users (now Office 365) …more
yahoo lj salazar consultingvice president | global launch of 15 mobile products,  global business development, increased user-base and profits …more
oxford lj salazar consultingexecutive advisor |  evaluating acquisition of tech company and fair market valuation in the context of mobile internet trends …more
photobucket lj salazar consultingadvisor to CEO | strategy based on mobile social internet trends – accelerated growth, increase in retention and …more
gmi lj salazar consultingchief product officer | product strategy and go to market, turnaround team increased value by 4x in a successful M&A…more
voyager lj salazar consultingentrepreneur in residence | due diligences for Fund III in mobile technologies, internet, and SaaS, advisor to portfolio …more
microsoft lj salazar consultinggeneral manager | go-to-market through +500,000 resellers worldwide, double digit growth for 4 years in a $3B business …more
microsoft lj salazar consultingdirector | expansion of operations in latin america, +3X increase market share via alliances and leveraged business models …more
xerox lj salazar consultingdirector | overhaul customer service and technical support. automation of logistics supporting a $100M operation in latin america …more
abb lj salazar consultingdirector | business expansion for the process automation division in Venezuela, Colombia and the Caribbean …more

proven expertise


Luis is the founder and President at LJ Salazar Consulting. He is a co-founder of Giving Compass and a board advisor to the School of Business at the University of Washington Bothell.

He is a speaker and guest lecturer in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship, and society.

He also co-founded Optio3 and previously as co-founder and CEO, led Jobaline from ideation to leader in the sector. Luis held international executive positions for Yahoo, Microsoft (co-founder of Office 365), GMI (acquired by WPP in 2011), Xerox and ABB.

He has led the launch of more than twenty-five global products in the consumer and business spaces and is a recognized expert on reinventing processes that are outdated or plagued with inefficiencies, creating scalable cloud-based solutions. He has been successful in driving operations as the executive in charge or indirectly as operating executive advisor and consultant.

He has taken companies from zero to one million users and upwards of 700 million users. He has led businesses from zero to +$2M in annual revenues and up to $4B global P&L operations. Luis had led private capital raising efforts for six different startups, for a total over $20 million.

tech & society

latest thoughts

Rapid innovation is a fertile ground for impactful social entrepreneurship, and it represents a unique opportunity where the current generation of innovators can get inspired to co-create ventures that result both in economic and societal growth.

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Will IoT investments save Retail or will investments and efforts in IoT will just create new and more expensive problems that will accelerate the pace at which they go out of business?

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Twenty billion dollars strong and with a double-digit annual growth rate, crowdfunding is a staggering one-third of the venture capital industry, at near parity with Angel Investing and a major player in philanthropy with eighteen billion dollars donated online in 2015.

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New enterprises require venture capital, and raising money is a sophisticated exercise in storytelling. One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is: “How do I prepare my pitch to raise seed money?”

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Just like our geographic location cannot limit our access to the best talent and technology, it would be a disservice to our dream venture if we limit ourselves to local sources of capital.

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Mobile web challenges are not only related to reengineering the experience to take full advantage of mobile devices which are location and context aware and are with us 24/7, but also related to monetization mechanisms.

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in their own words

Luis is a forward-thinking, technology entrepreneur. He is innovative and action-oriented. I have enjoyed having Luis on my board where he has had a tremendous impact as a change agent. Luis excels at pushing the thinking of other leaders and is very strategic in his approach. Above all, Luis is caring and a great human being.

Working with Luis was one of turning points in my professional career. Luis mentored me to obsess over the core fundamentals of customer centricity, the importance of customer satisfaction and focus on the operational excellence. Luis is a business leader I would work for anytime, anywhere in my career.

Luis has tremendous thought leadership and the ability to guide businesses into new areas of growth and innovation. He stands apart from many in his ability and willingness to go against the immediate tide and to work towards educating others as to new possibilities, turning his vision into a vivid picture that others can see.

I was fortunate to work with Luis on building Office 365. He has an amazing ability to continuously innovate and challenge himself and the existing beliefs to drive business success. His focus on the user experience and his belief to put customer value first will help drive results in any business. He continues to inspire me today

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