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Luis Salazar is the founder of ConnectSparks and an Advisor in Impact Investing, Digital Transformation, Monetization, and Data Sciences applied to complex social problems.

Connect Sparks provides advisory services, insights, and tools on go-to-market, data sciences, monetization, product strategy, and capital raising to Cause-driven Technology Startups and Nonprofits. They also advise Fortune 500 companies and large Foundations on how to structure Positive Social Impact Programs and go-to-market strategies that deliver results at scale.

Actionable Insights from Launching +30 Global Products, Technology Companies, and Tech-for-Good Enterprises

As a Global Fortune 500 executive, Luis has led the launch of more than 30 global products in the consumer and business spaces at Yahoo, Microsoft (co-founder of Office 365 with Jeff Raikes), GMI, Xerox, and ABB.

As a serial tech entrepreneur since 2011, he co-founded 7 Software as a Service, Consumer, and IoT companies. In 2017 he focused on Technology for Positive Social Impact, co-founding Giving Tech Labs, an innovation lab that created 5 Tech Startups addressing Social Problems, went through 4 exits, and published or sparked 15 patents, research papers, government proclamations, and new legislation. Their companies generated $3.5M before exiting the lab and generated returns of 0.8x to 12x.

The companies founded at the lab: Giving Compass Network, VidaNyx, AI Sensa, X4Impact, and Giving Tech Labs,  created long-lasting assets addressing issues such as Child Abuse and Neglect, Impact Driven Philanthropy, Inclusive Communications & Belonging, Immigration, Education, and Insights as a Service for the nonprofit sector.

Over 400,000 people, including 40,000 VidaNyx users supporting +140,000 children survivors of abuse and neglect, benefit monthly from the companies created.

Most recently, he founded ConnectSparks, which offers operational support and impact-driven capital raising to Female, Black, or Latino-led technology companies that address social issues. We publish free resources to help social entrepreneurs at all stages and engage with selected ventures on prototyping, capital raising, go-to-market, data sciences, monetization, and product strategy.

Companies Created or Global Products Launched

Months from Idea to Revenue Generating Technology Solution

Patents, Research Papers, Government Proclamations and Legislations Sparked

Individuals Positively Impacted Monthly by Companies Created

Sparking Impact At World Leading Companies and Startups

LJ Salazar Consulting has provided Advisory Services related to Digital Transformation, Capitalization, Fundraising, Applied Data Sciences, Product Strategy, and Sustainability via Revenues to leading organizations such as:

Powerful Storytelling to Inspire Change

Luis is passionate about the future of our society and believes that technologies do not solve problems, people do! Hence we need to inspire our leaders, entrepreneurs, and the next generation to think and act differently.

He has been invited to inspire students, leaders, and investors at corporations, nonprofits, and universities across the world to spark a seed of change with powerful storytelling showcasing with case studies and data that it is possible to do well while doing good.

60 Seconds that Inspire Me to Drive Change

Cloud technology powered by artificial intelligence has advanced our lives in ways we never imagined. Every 60 seconds, we exchange over 250 million emails and instant messages, stream over 5 million videos and swipe 1.4 million times on a dating app searching for love.

However, other things happen in one minute in the US. Every minute in the US, one child is sexually abused, and we throw away over $300,000 in edible food while 41 million people experience food insecurity. Every 60 seconds, 44 million people struggle with mental health issues.

It is this “other” minute we do not talk about enough and where hackathons and well-intended volunteering are not delivering lasting value building field capacity.

We have experience building technologies and companies to address complex social issues to drive change.

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