success stories

giving compass lj salazar consultingCo-founder & Board Member. Defined Strategy and Execution Plan for Giving Compass, a nonprofit online platform to enable impact driven philanthropy. Raised initial capital and drove execution.

Market and Opportunity sizing, Product Roadmap & UX collaboration, Company formation, Pitch Deck, Go to Market strategy for the early stage.

raikes foundation lj salazar consultingExecutive Advisor to the Raikes Foundation, in charge of defining Business Plan and Pitch deck for a Cloud-Technology Venture to create and operate a mobile web platform to enable impact driven philanthropy at scale in a $300B market.

Market Research, Opportunity sizing, Target Market and Audience definition, Go-to-Market Overview, Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Competitive Analysis, Technology Roadmap and Building Blocks, Monetization Strategy and Financial Projections.

uw lj salazar consultingBoard Member, UW Bothell School of Business. School long term vision and long term strategic planning, Entrepreneurship for social enterprises, Innovation and Monetization, Leadership Development and Mentorship program, Annual Fundraising and other activities related to sustainability.


optio3 lj salazar consultingCo-founder & company formation advisor. Raised $2 million in private equity. IIoT Web platform for visibility, management &  control of operations in commercial buildings and manufacturing.

Market and Opportunity sizing, Product Roadmap, Company formation, Pitch Deck, Go to Market strategy for the early stage.

ushur lj salazar consultingExecutive Advisor to the CEO of Ushur, Inc. Re-architected go-to-market strategy and execution. Company Branding and Thought Leadership re-positioning. Market and Opportunity sizing, Product Roadmap in the context of competitive trends and emerging markets needs.

jobaline lj salazar consultingCo-founder & CEO of Jobaline, raised over $11 million in two rounds of private equity, taking the company from concept to an emerging leader serving Fortune 500 companies.

Applied Data Sciences & Artificial Intelligence to create Mobile Virtual Recruitment Technology that has automated the screening of over one million job applicants for Fortune 500 companies monetized through a transactional business model with very profitable unit economics, while also creating the largest network of hourly workers with over 200 behavioral and declared data points per worker.

bing lj salazar consultingExecutive Advisor for the Search Alliance. Global market assessment and go-to-market definition, including sales & engineering alignment for two large Fortune 500 Internet Companies strategic alliance on web search & mobile internet. The project resulted in a smooth operation and sustainable revenue growth in the US, Turkey, Germany, Taipei and UK.

polyverse lj salazar consultingExecutive Advisor to Founder and CEO, assisting in raising its first million dollars of capital in record time. The company was acquired by StrongLoop in 2015. and core assets evolved into Polyverse, a sector leader in Cybersecurity for the public and private sector

office live lj salazar consultingCofounded the Office Live division taking it from conceptual design to implementation and reaching its first 2 million users in record time (now Office 365). Co-led a worldwide marketing and engineering team through three successful global product launches that reached over two million active and loyal customers in less than two years. This was the first small-business-focused service from Microsoft monetized through advertising revenue.

yahoo lj salazar consultingProduct Executive at Yahoo: Streamlined Operations for Global product marketing and worldwide business development, narrowing focus from +150 disconnected product experiences to a few core ones. Oversaw the launch of 15 global products with particular emphasis on the mobile internet. Results: user base growth, increased user retention and profitability in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Latin America and the US.

oxford lj salazar consultingExecutive Advisor to Oxford University Press: Business & technical due diligence for acquisition of Internet company resulting in a fair market valuation of the assets in the context of emerging mobile web trends. Identification of risks related to scalability, systems architecture, competitive advantage, and addressable market opportunity, increasing the potential ROI of the transaction.

photobucket lj salazar consultingExecutive Advisor to Photobucket: Product strategy refinement based on mobile, rich media and social internet trends. Implementation of a customer centric and data driven operation centered on Net Promoter Score, Usage, and Referrals. Defining KPIs to unify engineering, marketing, sales and customer service – accelerated growth, an increase in user retention and average revenue per user.

gmi lj salazar consultingChief Product Officer at Global Market Insite: Based on evolving market dynamics, customer needs, and mobile technologies, reinvented existing market research systems & processes and oversaw the implementation of a cloud-based solution with 10x more capacity.

Connected the core product and user experience with social outlets, increasing network size to more than 7 million engaged participants in US, Europe, and Australia through desktop-based and mobile technologies. Increased profits by +4x positioning the company for a successful M&A (acquired by WPP).

voyager lj salazar consultingExecutive advisor to Voyager Capital, evaluating potential investments for their Fund III in the areas of mobile technologies, online businesses, and SaaS, as well as advising portfolio companies in the areas of user retention and growth, product strategy, and go-to-market.

microsoft lj salazar consultingGeneral Manager at Microsoft: Refinement of go-to-market strategy and breadth channel program (+500,000 resellers) to expand Microsoft Mid-Market global operation to deliver on consistent double digit growth for 4 years in a $3B division.

microsoft lj salazar consultingDirector at Microsoft: Expansion of operations in Latin America, resulting in +3X increase market share and revenue growth via strategic alliances and leveraged business models, operating in environments of political unrest, high double digit inflation and currency devaluation, exchange control and lack of a framework for intellectual property protection.

xerox lj salazar consultingGeneral Manager at Xerox: Overhaul of a team of 600 Customer Service and Field Technicians. Re-engineering and automation of the spare parts logistics operations to support a $100M operation in Latin America.

abb lj salazar consultingDirector at ABB: Go-to-market strategy and execution. Expansion of services, opening new markets for the process automation division and the pulp & paper automation division in Venezuela, Colombia and the Caribbean resulting in double-digit growth in revenues and market share.