Crowdfunding displacing deep pockets – will it drive greater impact?

Twenty billion dollars strong and with a double-digit annual growth rate, crowdfunding is a staggering one-third of the venture capital industry, at near parity with Angel Investing and a major player in philanthropy with eighteen billion dollars donated online in 2015. As crowdfunding displaces deep pockets, will it drive grater impact? Read More

raising money for your social venture – the perfect pitch

With one trillion dollars ready for funding new ventures and with cloud and mobile technology accelerating the speed of innovation, entrepreneurship is thriving. New enterprises require venture capital, and raising money is a sophisticated exercise in storytelling. One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is: “How do I prepare my pitch to raise seed money?” Read More

social entrepreneurship – our opportunity and our moment

The ubiquitous mobile web and devices and digital technologies are leading to a significant impact on society at a speed of change never seen before. We are witnessing remarkable advancements in healthcare, communication, transportation, agriculture, learning, robotics, space exploration, nanotechnology, and genomics. This environment of rapid innovation is a fertile ground for impactful social entrepreneurship,… Read More

go beyond your zip code to raise capital – bring money to seattle!

Many great ventures start in coffee shops where dreams are crafted in between espresso shots and public WiFi access to the internet. Just like our geographic location cannot limit our access to the best talent and technology, it would be a disservice to our dream venture if we limit ourselves to local sources of capital.… Read More