Baris Cetinok | Senior Director, Product & Marketing, Apple Inc

Working with Luis was one of turning points in my professional career. Luis mentored me to obsess over the core fundamentals of customer centricity, the importance of customer satisfaction and focus on the operational excellence. Luis is one of the business leaders I would work for anytime, anywhere in my career.

Jerome Pache | Principal GPM, Microsoft Office 365

Luis has tremendous thought leadership and the ability to guide businesses into new areas of growth and innovation. He stands apart from many in his ability and willingness to go against the immediate tide and to work towards educating others as to new possibilities, turning his vision into a vivid picture that others can see.… Read More

Marja Koopmans | Marketing at Amazon Appstore

I was fortunate enough to work with Luis on building a new business for Microsoft. Luis has an amazing ability to continuously innovate and challenge himself and the existing beliefs to drive business success. His focus on the user experience and his belief to put customer value first will help drive results in any business.… Read More